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We leverage our fundamental knowledge on physical-chemistry and engineering to study complex multi-phasic reaction systems and create novel synthetic catalytic materials  for the sustainable production of renewable energies and chemicals. 

By Integrating molecular -sensing and -actuation mechanisms directly on conventional catalysts we are paving the way for autonomous catalytic reaction processes, allowing us to develop the next generation of process-intensive, modular, and robust reactors for chemicals production, energy conversion, and environmental remediation.


"To create the designing rules and fundamental knowledge required for the development of innovative catalytic materials and processes that can enable a leap-forward transition of the fuels and chemicals sectors into more sustainable, safer, and productive industries."

Activation of Small Molecules

Conversion of C1 and C2 feedstocks into Chemical Platforms

Chemical Equilibrium of CO2 to Methanol

Bio-inspired Catalysts

Mimicking mother nature's adaptability and responsiveness 

Bio-inspired Catalysts


Waste Conversion

Finding Sustainable Pathways for Waste Valorisation 

Sustainable Chemistry

Conversion of Biomass into Added-Value Fuels and Chemicals

Conversion of sugars to fuels
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